Baby Farming in Victorian Times

Amelia Dyer, hanged for murder on June 10, 1897 at Newgate Prison, London. (Image from Thames Valley Police Museum)

By Sharon K. Gilbert

Illegitimate children were a major problem in the cramped cities of Victorian England, particularly in London. Though the legal system had originally (18th century) penalized men who fathered children out of wedlock, that financial roadblock was removed in 1834 with The New Poor Law (and its ‘bastardy’ clause). Now, the woman alone was responsible for the child’s welfare, which meant an unwed mother–often with few skills or prospects–was left to find means to support a dependent infant. Those in domestic service usually lost their jobs if found to be pregnant, and so that income might be lost. Not was unwed pregnancy and motherhood stigmatized, it was actually punished (in the misconception that doing so would prevent such pregnancies). However, young women without family or skills often found themselves seduced by unscrupulous men for personal reasons and often also for profit. Procurers prowled the backstreets of London with their eyes peeled for vulnerable young women.  Continue reading “Baby Farming in Victorian Times”

The Kindle Proof is Here

By Sharon K. Gilbert

Our wonderful and very talented typesetter (layout and design person), Kevin G. Summers, sent us the galley proof for the Kindle version of ‘Blood Lies’ yesterday. Simply put, it is clean and elegant. I read nearly all books on Kindle now (love making the font BIG), and many of these books have a utilitarian appearance. Functional but not so pretty. Kevin’s font choice and simplicity make my words look awesome!

The Kindle and print versions of ‘Blood Lies’ will be released at Amazon on April 8th, 2017.

New Release Date for ‘Blood Lies’

Good News! The first book of The Redwing Saga is going to be released even sooner – and it will be available in print and in Kindle formats. Previously, we had announced that the book would be available on June 10, but a recent shift in the production schedule has cleared the decks for an April 08, 2017 release date.

Keep watching this site for a link to where to buy!