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Antimacassars and Victorian furnishings

By Sharon K. Gilbert When I was a young girl, men who wanted to impress ladies still used hair oils and grease to make their hair behave and shine. It was no different in the 19th century, when men slicked back their unruly locks with a pomade known as Macassar Oil. Supposedly, the hair oil was created and popularized by a barber named Alexander Rowland in the early 19th century and eventually trademarked in 1888 (our Book One year). ¬†Made from coconut oil or palm oil with the addition of ylang-ylang oil for a light fragrance, it not only served […]

Music and Mayhem

By Sharon K. Gilbert For those who don’t know me well, the inclusion of musical scenes in Blood Lies may come as a surprise. Actually, I spent many years as a professional singer, and I even studied and performed opera at the University of Nebraska Lincoln for a couple of years (and before that at Indiana University). So, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that my main female character (and her little cousin Adele) both love to sing. Using opera as a plot device also allows me to include theater scenes and use the lyrics of arias as a means […]

The Manuscript is Finally Done

By Sharon K. Gilbert Yesterday afternoon, I finally hit ‘save’ on the final edit of the Book One manuscript, ‘Blood Lies’. I started writing the series last February, so it’s been nearly a year to the day, and throughout that journey I’ve learned a great deal about the late 19th century, about Jack the Ripper, the police officials, the victims, and the people of England and Scotland at the time. Generally, it doesn’t take me nearly this long to write a single novel, but I’m planning this series to encompass the transitional years between 1888 and into World War I […]